Zuma Sailboat for Sale $1.500 - 2022 New Specs & Parts and Rigging Boats for Sale & Yachts

Zuma Sailboat Review and Specs

Zuma Sailboat for Sale $1.495 2022 New Specs & Parts and Rigging Boats for Sale & Yachts - Zuma Sailboat Review and Specs.

Zuma Sailboat for sale is well designed and the best affordable boat only $1495 USD. used Zuma Sailboat on our website. The Zuma Sailing Boat is equipped with a fiberglass hull lining. The Zuma Boat is 13 ft in length and starts at just 1000 USD. Please view details to know more. All maintenance was done, bottom antifouling paint was thrown. Our boat is currently in active use.

Zuma Sailboat Boats Review and Specs

Year: 1988
Manufacturer: Seahorse Marine Inc. Yacht Sales
Price: US$1,495

Zuma Sailboat for sale is a great little racing sailer. This boat is a single mast boat type with removable keel and tiller. It is impressive that it is light and fast with a single axle trailer that you can take anywhere. Outboard motor mount (engine not included), life jackets, oars and sails in very handy and good condition. This is a fun and sporty boat for both children and adults. It's really worth a look. This mini Zuma Sailboat is one of the compact models from Seahorse Marine. This boat can also be prepared as an innocent birthday party boat. Zuma Boat is a multi-purpose sailing boat that can be used for different purposes. - Zuma Sailboat for Sale $1.500 - 2022 New Specs & Parts and Rigging Boats for Sale & Yachts

Zuma Sailboat Parts

Zuma Sailboat easy to transport and comes with an outboard motor mount. The Zuma is designed very lightly and is very easy to set up. It is also self-emptying and has ample storage space. It is easy to store on the boat and suitable for a variety of uses. A zumba can be easily transported with a single axle trailer.

Zuma sailboat price starts at less than a thousand dollars. The boat has a cabin with a king-size bed and includes a compass. The ZUMA has a fiberglass hull and an aluminum trailer. The price of this model is around a thousand dollars. It has a 13-foot length and a custom-made Sunbrella boat cover. It is an affordable and well-designed sailboat.

Zuma Sailboat Specs

Zuma sailboat is lightweight and fast. It has a wide-angled hull and a cockpit with a removable seat. Zuma sailboat can be towed with ease. It has an adjustable stern to avoid damage during the windy weather. The Zuma is a great way to start learning sailing. There are many advantages to owning a zuma. It is easier to maneuver than an iridescent yacht.

Zuma sailboat specs can handle up to three people. It can be used by one person or two. Typically, it has an extra cabin for a crew. A dash of color can also increase the visibility of the boat. Similarly, a large cockpit can be used by one person. A sailor can easily manage his or her own sailboat by hand. The dash is also a perfect way to navigate in the water.

Zuma sailboat is a great choice for beginners and more experienced sailors alike. It is stable, fast, and easy to navigate. Azumas are very stable and are easy to handle. It has an outboard of a 2010 Nissan 9.8 long shaft and two sinks. The boat also has a walk-through cockpit with a swim ladder. Azulinas can be used by more than one person.

Zuma Sailboat Rigging Diagram

Zuma sailboat has a high boom and seat tanks shaped to provide comfort for the user. The Zuma sailboat rigged system is very easy to maneuver, making it suitable for people with limited sailing experience. The boat includes two large sails, a sail bag, and a Phoenix trailer. It also comes with an original sail. It is 12 feet nine inches long, making it the ideal recreational vessel for a group of friends. If you’re looking for a fun and easy-to-manoeuvre boat, you should consider the Zuma.

Zuma Sailboat For Sale is one of the more popular and affordable models from Vanguard. It’s a versatile boat, with a high-boom that provides ample headroom. This is especially important if you’re tall or want to use it for a variety of activities. The Zuma is an excellent choice for people who want to learn the basics of sailing. Despite its lightweight weight, the Zuma can easily be used for a variety of recreational pursuits.

Zuma sailboat is an excellent purchase for those looking for a small sailing boat. The MSRP is under $4000, and it’s in great shape. Whether you’re looking for a weekend sailing trip with your family, or a full-on race in the ocean, the Zuma is a great boat to consider. It offers fun, safety, and performance all in one package. There’s even a video available to help you make your decision.

Zuma Sailboat Review Full Details for Sale 

This zuma sailboat for sale has all of its essentials and comes with a trailer. The sailboat is a great choice for people who are looking for a cheap sailboat. This affordable and well-designed model has a high-boom and a compass. Besides, it also has a built-in compass. This zumba is an excellent choice for those who want to spend more time on the water.

used zuma sailboat for sale is a great way to make the most of your sailing vacation. It comes with a surprisingly low price, and the price is reasonable. This affordable boat is perfect for cruising small lakes with two people. With a new trailer, you can go 180 miles in 24 hours. The rig is in good condition. It also comes with a stereo and a dolly. These are great for moving the boat.

Zuma sailboat for sale craigslist

zuma sailboat for sale is a great way to save money. This versatile model is lightweight and easy to setup. It is also a good choice for a family or a group of friends. Azuma is a fun-filled boat that will provide hours of sailing fun. It includes all the necessities of a modern home. The dashboard is the best way to take in the scenery of the beautiful world.

Zuma sailboat for sale is a great way to get into sailing. A zuma sailboat is easy to handle, and has excellent sails. A 9.5 HP outboard motor makes the Zuma a very easy boat to handle. The boat is located at Elm Hill Marina and has just been reconditioned. The hull has been stripped down to bare wood, and its two sets of sails have been replaced with new ones.

Hull Material 
Length Overall 
Number of Engines 
13 ft

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