One Day You Will Realize My Absence Lyrics 2022

One Day You Will Realize My Absence! Poems and Lyrics
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One Day You Will Realize My Absence

One Day You Will Realize My Absence! Poems and Lyrics: 1
  • One day you will understand what being without me means
  • that day will be
  • too late
  • You will sit in the places we used to visit,
  • you will look for me, but I will not
  • be
  • there.
  • Somewhere inside of you, your betrayal will
  • devour yourself. You will
  • hang around in the past and remember
  • the days.
  • As long as we live half loves, your
  • lips will always remember me ahhhhhhhhh You will take it
  • with your bitterness
  • But I won't be you You
  • will stay far away without me
  • I will have a gift for you
  • Every birthday..

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One Day You Will Realize My Absence! Poems and Lyrics: 2
  • You will understand my absence,
  • You will cry with fake lovers,
  • You will cry for what you have lost,
  • You will understand my absence...
  • When the lovers you live momentarily leave,
  • Every time you see me with someone else,
  • You will understand how you are loved, you will call me,
  • You will understand my absence..
  • Sitting down and seeing what they've lost,
  • You will cry loudly every day,
  • You will scream what have I done,
  • You will understand my absence...
  • When you see yourself die,
  • Only then will you die again,
  • You will say how I loved, I couldn't see,
  • You will understand my absence...
  • This is how I loved you to death,
  • When you live in every person I see,
  • My tongue is held, my heart is burning, then I die
  • This is how I love you to death.
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One Day You Will Realize My Absence! Poems and Lyrics: 3
A word to say on your
tongue When you have no more ink to write love in your pen
That day, you will understand very well what I mean When you
are in despair of all the words you write Until the
dots and commas try to find their place
All the words you want to say get stuck in your throat
And all you want to say is halfway through your life As you pass through the circle of fate
You will understand very well what
I mean. Now it's too early for you to understand all of what I 'm

You will read these last lines that I wrote to you all the time, And you will say to yourself I loved you very much But when you look back, there will be no memories and no traces of the two of us. One Day You Will Realize My Absence

From those happy days You will feel the pain of my absence so deeply that maybe you will even want to die at that moment, but for everything The time has passed. And like in every love story , our love that we think will never end Because of nonsense we don't even know why It will be over, you will ask yourself thousands of questions You will scream and scream like me Just like me, like a concrete pile between four walls Your whole body will turn into stone in that second. You will understand that it is an empty harbor to love and be loved after a loneliness..


One Day You Will Realize My Absence! Poems and Lyrics: 4

  • How I expected your coming,
  • Your passing in front of me with an air.
  • I could hear the wind blowing from afar, I would watch it with sadness, leaving the
  • street.
  • I am still waiting for you in the same place,
  • I look like statues that have stood here for years.
  • What am I doing in your absence?
  • I just hope it passes again.
  • Will you come again from far away my darling?
  • I'm not me when you're gone.
  • I am weary of everything.
  • Will you come, tell me darling?
  • Rises Longing From Afar At night, longing rises from far away.
  • Your voice echoes through the cold walls There are
  • no barriers from those standing in front of me
  • Only you, from distant fumes.
  • It is they who sing the melodies of my love.
  • I could not solve the mystery of this love.
  • When will I hear your breath?
  • Will I hold your hands again?
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