Nail Hause Review and Specs

Nail Hause Review, Nail Hause Acrylic Powder 2022
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Nail Hause Review

Thao opened Nail House in December 2019. The salon was built with a vision to be able to provide some of the highest quality nails in Winnipeg, in a safe environment, with excellent customer service.

Our team has over 45 years worth of combined experience. We have staff trained in acrylic, powder gel, liquid gel, and all manicure & pedicure services. All of our nail technicians take great pride in their work.

No matter who you are, or what service you are looking for, you should know that we want to provide you with service that will make you want to come back again and again.

If something can’t be done safely, then it shouldn’t be done. Our team is fully committed to your safety. That commitment starts before you even walk in the door.

The policies that we have in place to ensure all of our clients are safe have been designed to exceed the Province of Manitoba standards.

Some examples include our use of a medical grade autoclave, sanitation with bleach and UV, and ensuring that one-time use products are not reused. We are always open to answering any questions about what we do to keep you safe.

In the heart of Bridgwater; located just off Kenaston, we are accessible for residents of Waverley West including the Bridgwater neighbourhoods, South Pointe and Richmond West. Coming from outside the city? We are close to the Perimeter, a short trip for residents of Oak Bluff and La Salle. 

375 Centre Street, Unit 2, Winnipeg 

Nail Hause: Get To Know Your French Manicure

A Chic Timeless Look A French Manicure is a classic manicure (or pedicure) with a nude or pink colour as the base and a thin.

Nail Hause: Everything You Need To Know About Dip Powder

A dip powder manicure is quite literally a manicure where your nails are dipped into a coloured hardening powder. The powder will activate and harden on your nails forming a durable coloured surface.

Nail Hause Acrylic Powder

Nail Hause Acrylic Powder 2022

Nail Hause Acrylic Powder 2022 review:

  • Looking for the best acrylic nail powders?
  • Want to achieve a professional look with your nails?
  • If so, then acrylic nail powder is the way to go. Acrylic powder for nails is a polymer that adheres to the natural nail and can be built up in layers.
  • How do you apply it? The process of applying acrylic powders is very simple!

In this blog post, we will discuss how to apply them as well as which are the best acrylic nail powder brands out there.

Nail Hause Review, Nail Hause Acrylic Powder: 2022

How To Apply Acrylic Powder For Nails

Step 1: Get the right tools

The first thing you need to do before you start your manicure is to make sure that you have all the necessary tools. This includes nail clippers, files, cuticle pushers, buffing blocks, cotton balls or pads and an acrylic nail powder in your preferred color.

Step 2: Remove existing polish

The first step in applying acrylic powder is to clean the nails with acetone to remove any residue from the last application or nail polish.

Step 3: Buff nail

After you have cleaned the nails, buff them to remove the shine. This will help the product hold better to the nail. Once you have buffed wipe away the nail dust with acetone.

Step 4: Apply nail tip (optional)

If you are going to apply your acrylic nail powder on a nail tip now is the time to do so. Apply the nail glue to the nail and then press the nail tip down, holding pressure for a few seconds (roughly 10) until the nail tip has stuck.

Using tip cutters clip the nail to the desired length. Then shape the nail with a file.

Step 5: Dip brush into the monomer

The monomer is a liquid that is used in acrylic powder to help it stick and harden.

Dip your nail brush into the liquid and remove the excess liquid so it is wet only at the tip of the brush. Dip the brush into the acrylic nail powder and collect enough powder to make a ball of product that will cover the entire nail. Let the product become glossy before placing it on the nail.

Step 6: Apply acrylic product to the nail

Place the bead of product near the cuticle (but not on the cuticle) and work the product up towards the tip of the nail. Spread the product with the brush. If the acrylic is not pliable enough dip your brush again into the monomer and it should help.

Step 7: Let the acrylic nail dry

Wait about two minutes for your acrylic nails to dry. Dry nails should make a click sound not a hollow sound when tapped.

Step 8: Finish the nail

After the product is dried file the nail and buff the top if necessary, then seal with a topcoat. / Nail Hause Review, Nail Hause Acrylic Powder: 2022

Which acrylic powder is best for nails?

  • The best acrylic nail powders
  • Mia Secret Professional Acrylic Nail System Clear Acrylic Powder.
  • Modelones Acrylic Powder Set.
  • Modelones Acrylic Powder, 12 Colors Acrylic Powder Set.
  • Saviland Acrylic Powder Set – Glow in the Dark.
  • Morovan Nude Pink Acrylic Powder.
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