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Russian Omon

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OMON ( Russian : ОМОН, Detachment of mobile special purpose unit , Special mobile unit ; "Special Operation Mobile Unit"), the Soviet Union , and later Russia and some other former Soviet tactical units in the former Soviet Union. - Russian Omon
EffectiveMay 5, 1919
CountryRussia Flag Russia
TypePolice Tactical Unit
Part of itRussian National Guard
warsFirst Chechen War
Second Chechen War
Clashes in the North Caucasus
In modern terms, OMON is used as a riot police or paramilitary force in missions such as dangerous detentions, riot control, counter-terrorism and special protection. In addition, OMON units played an important role in the armed conflicts during and after the collapse of the Soviet Union, such as Chechnya. - Russian Omon

Omon, Russian Omon

OMON units are also located in Belarus , Kazakhstan , Tajikistan and other former Soviet states, and their names and abbreviations have been changed in some post-Soviet countries. Its members are commonly omonovtsyknown by name. - Russian Omon

Russian Omon - Among the troops used were Special Purpose Police Units, known by the Russian acronym OMON, the feared “black berets” of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. These troops were under the command of Pugo, one of the coup plotters, and his deputy, Gromov, one of the signatories of the Sovetskaya Rossiya

Xavier Omon

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