My Pubg Account Has Been Stolen, How Can I Get It Back? 2 Methods!

My Pubg Account Has Been Stolen, You
 are in the right place for the answer to the question  How can I get it back?
We will show you the answer to the question of How to Get Back the Stolen Pubg Account with 2 Methods .

My Pubg Account Has Been Stolen, How Can I Get It Back?

My Pubg Account Has Been Stolen, How Can I Get Everyone - Method 1 ;
Check if you have access to accounts linked to the Pubg game. Control access via Facebook, Twitter, and Game center. 

It is recommended to add additional options for accounts opened with Mail. If they have access to them but have been disconnected and added their own account then the following suggestion will definitely do the trick.

Whichever link was used first to open Pubg Mobile account   will help in Pubg account recovery .

PUBG account stolen application

Fill in the required sections by visiting the page address support., where you will apply for  Pubg stolen account recovery  .

  • “ Pubg Steam support ” will be selected in the first option
  • You will write a return e-mail address that you have access to as an e-mail.
  • Select the issue (Gameplay or reports)
  • Support language “ Turkish ” will be selected
  • Steam account name (“ Steam account name ”)
  • name used in pubg game
  • Topic title
  • The explanation is the writing of the problem in details.
  • Check the box indicating you accept the terms
  • Where it says attachments, there is a button for you to add files. This can be used to add a sample image describing the problem.
  • Please tick the box to show that you are not a robot.

Afterwards, check the incoming e-mails once a day for the first week. If this period has expired and there is no return, repeat the application.

Recover Stolen Pubg Account

My Pubg Account Has Been Stolen, How Can I Get It Back - Method 2 ;

First of all, you open a new PUBG MOBILE account, connect it with the social media you used in your old account and unlink it, then continue with the following processes.

Log in to Pubg in-game customer service by pressing the Support button in the Settings section .

  • Click “Contact Us” in the upper right corner.
  • Reply “My account disappeared or my account has disappeared” twice.
  • “No, it didn't help.” when the system gives you options. Select the option.
  • At this stage, you will be asked to enter your e-mail address. (You can write your e-mail address that you used to log in to the social network you removed.)   NOTE : Some players may not ask for e-mail, so ignore this step.
  • “Yes, but I unlink one of them and don't have access to the other.” Select the option.
  • In this section, you are asked to accept the “Terms and Conditions” in order to proceed with account recovery. Your old account's data will be transferred to your new account and your new account's data will be deleted.
  •  Select “ Yes, I agree.”
My Pubg Account Has Been Stolen, at this stage in the How Can I Get It Back method, it gives you a notification and makes a verification. 
In order for the account to be recovered, you must have created a new PUBG MOBILE account and linked this new account with the social network you used in your old account and accidentally removed.
  • Now send it by typing your nickname, numeric id and yes. (Note: Make sure your Nickname and Numeric ID are complete and complete (with all symbols), otherwise your account recovery cannot proceed.)
My Pubg Account Has Been Stolen, We have given the answer to the question of How Can I Get It Back with 2 different methods. Do not forget to share your thoughts about the stolen Pubg Account with us in the comments.

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