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In this content, which we have prepared for the sake of information such as Boats for Sale from Banks, Boats 
for  Sale from Customs and more,  you will find the answer to the question of Driving License Conditions Customs documents and How to Use the Boat .       

Boats for Sale from Customs

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For Boats  for Sale from Customs; Documents Required for Boat  Mooring Log License 

If you have not issued a mooring log license before;

  • Petition
  • Birth certificate
  • Toned
  • One of the Private Boat Certificate and Sales Invoice documents
  • Visa Fee
  • Agency Fee

Boat And Yacht Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it obligatory to issue a Binding Log License?

It is obligatory to issue a mooring log license for all marine vessels carrying the Turkish Flag under 18 GRT. The visa process must be renewed every year.

  • Are boats smaller than 5 meters   exempt from the Mooring Log License?

Boats smaller than 5 meters   must also be registered in the mooring log. However, boats smaller than 5 meters are exempt from the annual visa. The mooring log license must be renewed every 5 years.

  • Do I have to keep the mooring log license  on my Boat  ?

The mooring log license   must be kept on board . Boats that do not have a mooring log license   are barred from sailing and tied to the nearest port.

  • I bought a new yacht. How much time do I have to issue a Binding Log License?

Mooring log license application should be made within 1 month at the latest for second hand boats or newly built boats.

  • Is it obligatory to write my boat's  name and Mooring Log License number on the boat?

License number and boat  name must be written on both sides of your boat. In addition, the boat name, license number and mooring port should be written on the stern of the boat.

  • Is there an obligation to fly a  flag?

It is obligatory to fly the Turkish Flag for all watercraft registered in Turkish ports.

  • Is there any penalty if I do not pay the Mooring Log License fee on time?

All watercraft whose fees are not paid on time will be banned from sailing and will be penalized with administrative fines.

  • I have a foreign flagged  yacht  , can I switch to the Turkish flag?

No. It is not possible for 2nd hand foreign flagged  boats  to switch to the Turkish flag.

  • I have a Turkish flagged  yacht  , can I switch to a foreign flag?

Yes. In order for Turkish flagged boats to switch to a foreign flag, the boat must be sold abroad. An application is made to the Port Authority to which the boat is attached to leave the registry. It is possible to switch to the desired flag with the registration cancellation letter.

Transitlog Transactions for Boats  for  Sale from Customs  and  Boats for Sale from Banks 

You can reach for all kinds of transitlog transactions such as international entry and exit, annual transitlog renewal, 5-year transitlog renewal.

Boats for Sale from Banks

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Sailing Boats for Sale in Greece

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Boats for Sale in Bodrum

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Which Boats Are Used Without License?

 People who are searching  for Boats for Sale from Customs and Boats  for  Sale from Banks   may also wonder which boats are used without a license. Here is the answer. Special Boats with less than ten horsepower engines  , non-motorized  Boats driven only by rowing , canoes/kayaks and national and international racing class (rowing  boats  and sailing  boats such as Optimist, Laser, Fin, 420, 470, Pirat, Dragon, Wind Surf ) sports  ADB is not required for those who use purpose-built  Boats .

Boats for Sale in Fethiye

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Seeing Boats in the Sea in a Dream

Seeing a boat in the sea in a dream  is interpreted as good news. Driving a boat in a dream  also indicates that you will be invited to a wedding of a close acquaintance, and this  dream also indicates  joy and happiness. Being on the Boat in a dream  is happiness. Repairing the boat  indicates that you will be of great help to the groom or bride.

Rental Boats

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Boats Seeking Captain

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Sailing Boats

Sailboats  vary in size and complexity, but they all have basically the same four components.

The body carries passengers and supports the equipment.  The rigging includes many parts of the  Sailing Boat , such as the ropes,  mainsail ,  bowsail , boom and mast  . Read on for Boats for Sale from Customs  and  Boats for Sale from Banks  .

Executive Boats

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Boat Prices in Georgia

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Cabin Boat Prices

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Can You Buy a Boat from Abroad?

In a decision made on 31 December, a decision was made for boats over 7.5 meters,   subject to permission.  It is possible to import second-hand  boats from abroad by obtaining a customs tax and permission of around 1%   .

How to Use Small Boat?

  • Always, in all conditions, use a life jacket even if we can swim.
  • Empty the water inside the boat before moving.
  • Pay attention to the load/people distribution.
  • If the boat  is powered, check the fuel, find out how far you can go on the available fuel.
  •  Do not overload the Boat if weather/sea conditions are severe  .
  • Before sailing with the Boats  , let a friend or relative on land tell you when and where you set off, where you plan to arrive, your approximate time of arrival and   who is on board .
  •  Make sure we have the appropriate utensil/crockery with us to drain any water that might get into the boat .
  •  Make sure that there are oars attached to the piers and fixed to the rail or  tilted inside the Boat , even if the boat is motorized  .
  • Do not accelerate or slow down in rough and choppy water, and even cut off the throttle where necessary (in a steep wave approaching you).
  • Even if you're moving fast, slow down before you start to steer to turn.
  • Move very slowly inside ports. (Because the wave you will create  will cause the moored Boats  to sway even if there are no people inside, thus damaging their ropes and equipment such as cleats.)
  •  If you don't know what to do when the boat rolls over, find out.
  • While advancing with the boat  , do not pick up the waves from the side, and slow down to get them safely from the head straps.
  • Tie the safety cords of the outboard motors (the spiral cable used to stop the motor if the user falls overboard) to your leg or life jacket. Pay attention to the same rule for jetski and similar vehicles.
  • When you see that the weather is getting worse, return to port as soon as possible.
  •  If you have to move on the Navigating  Boat , do so in the middle of the boat without standing up, keeping your balance.
  • Know that having enough seating in the Boat  does not mean that  one person should be seated wherever possible and that the  Boat can carry all that load.
  • Make sure to have a mirror with you during the day and a flashlight at night in order to be able to signal when necessary, and to notify other vessels or people on land of your presence.

Small Boats And Prices

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